Why Are Usps Workers So Rude

Why Are Usps Workers So Rude. People who use mail to buy medicine will be affected majorly. It will take longer than usual to deliver mails.

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I actaully had one worker there look at my return address and nastily ask me why don't you use the mtown post office. Messages from employees claim the us postal service is in disarray. It is why you never want government ownership of the means of production.

I Actaully Had One Worker There Look At My Return Address And Nastily Ask Me Why Don't You Use The Mtown Post Office.

Most times i leave the usps offices not feeling very pleasant. The rude ones probably have the same problem every other rude employee has out there: 😉 so keep up the good work!

When Performance Is Based On Metrics And Numbers, There Is More Likely To Be Stress.

The reason is they only hire. No one likes to be associated with failing ventures. I get anxiety from just even coming back to the post office because of how rude the employees are.

All Employees On This Sub Are Here Of Their Own Volition To Talk To And Interact With Other Employees And Customers.

The workers are not canada post employees, they work for the business, and their training is minimal. It will take longer than usual to deliver mails. Comparatively, whenever i have used ups, the front desk clerks are always extremely friendly, helpful, and efficient.

Postal Service’s (Usps) Rude Employees Could Cost The Government $288.5 Million In Lost Revenue, According To An Audit By The Office Of Inspector General (Oig).

Truly the only explanation is that they are overentitled government workers who do not benefit from a market demand workplace. The service is just terrible. It is why you never want government ownership of the means of production.

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At least you have official post office employees, in canada, canada post has contracted out most of their post offices to be situated in pharmacies, grocery stores, and convenience stores.and have been closing many official post offices. After being inundated with complaints, i’m trying to figure out what’s worse — being a customer or an employee of the us. They see too many dumb customers who take everything for granted/hate the goverment, those guys take it out on the employees, continue circle of crap.