Torn Meniscus Workers Comp Settlement

Torn Meniscus Workers Comp Settlement. Apart from your medical bills and other related expenses, your workers’ compensation should also cover your lost wages. Does a torn meniscus qualify for disability?

Torn Meniscus Workers' Comp Settlement What You Need To Know
Torn Meniscus Workers' Comp Settlement What You Need To Know from

The city worker was found to have a partial loss of use of his foot due to the injury sustained. The average torn meniscus workers’ comp settlement depends on several important factors. 3 how much is a meniscus tear settlement?

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Each knee has two meniscus discs that help apportion weight and balance the knee. Nevertheless, lifelong complications can frequently be traced to complications arising from a meniscus. I had a different injury 8 years ago.

A Surgically Repaired Meniscus Tear With A Return To Work Without Restrictions In The Years 2014 Through 2016 Has A Value Between 15 To 22.5% Loss Use Of The Leg Based On The Reported Decisions By The Illinois Workers.

I would highly recommend to anyone! 11 can i work with a meniscus tear? The most common knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus resulting from a work injury is an arthroscopic medial meniscectomy.

The Average Torn Meniscus Workers’ Comp Settlement Depends On Several Important Factors.

Let’s say your workers’ comp weekly wage benefit is $800. But the national safety council estimates that a knee injury can fetch an average of $33,153 in workers comp settlement. From the fires vinyl walmart

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Total release from doctor 6 weeks ago. Ryan was driving a rental car. If the cartilage is removed, and there is pain or other symptoms in the knee, the condition is rated as 10 percent disabling.

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The average workers’ comp settlement for a torn meniscus is difficult to determine. When surgery came into question the employer/worker's comp dropped all support. The primary factors impacting settlement value in these meniscus tear claims are: