Tim Curry Pennywise Vs Bill Skarsgard

Tim Curry Pennywise Vs Bill Skarsgard. Hope you enjoyed this one, it was good fun battling etch! Tim curry as pennywise and bill skarsgård as pennywise.

Who Is The Best Pennywise Tim Curry Or Bill Skarsgard?
Who Is The Best Pennywise Tim Curry Or Bill Skarsgard? from screenrant.com

No one really finds clowns cute or friendly. #bill skarsgard #tim curry #pennywise #pennywise the dancing clown #makeup #it: Unsurprisingly, skarsgård is a big fan of curry — particularly his performance as the original pennywise.

Originally Pennywise Was Supposed To Be A Clown.

Dental hygiene was clearly not a priority to either version of pennywise. Before the legion of it fans who prefer tim curry's rendition pick up their pitchforks and torches, it's worth reinforcing that choosing bill skarsgard as the better pennywise performer is not an indictment of curry's work. Other actors who were rumored to play pennywise included johnny depp, tilda swinton, richard armitage, tom hiddleston, jackie earle haley, jim carrey, kirk acevedo, willem dafoe, paul giamatti, hugo weaving, doug jones and channing tatum.

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I'll keep looking for it, as he's only been displayed on a shelf. Curry was incredible as the monster in the '90s, which makes one wonder how the actor felt about bill skarsgård taking the mantle. It's called a remake for a reason.

Now, With The Much Anticipated It Remake Everyone Is Quick To Compare Curry To His Youthful Pennywise Successor, Bill Skarsgård.

Hope you enjoyed this one, it was good fun battling etch! It (2017) behind the scenes (full) 1. Curry's performance is revered as one of his best, which is the stuff of nightmares.

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Play over 265 million tracks for free on soundcloud. Bill skarsgård has stepped into some big clown shoes, he brilliantly played the new version of pennywise the clown in the reboot of it. tim curry made the role famous in the memorable tv miniseries, adapted from stephen king's horror classic novel. As a way to lure children in, after all kids love clowns.

Before The Legion Of It Fans Who Prefer Tim Curry's Rendition Pick Up Their Pitchforks And Torches, It's Worth Reinforcing That Choosing Bill Skarsgard As The Better Pennywise Performer Is Not An Indictment Of Curry's Work.

Tim curry played pennywise in director tommy lee wallace’s 1990 miniseries adaptation of king’s massive novel. Tim curry makes the kids laugh. #bill skarsgard #tim curry #pennywise #pennywise the dancing clown #makeup #it: