How Long Do Cats With Fiv Live

How Long Do Cats With Fiv Live. We've been told that these viruses can only last outside of the body anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. How do you keep fiv+ cats healthy for as long as possible?

Cats With Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) Can Live Long Lives from

Though there is no cure for fiv, recent studies suggest that cats with fiv commonly live average life spans, as long as they are not also infected with feline leukemia virus. How do you keep fiv+ cats healthy for as long as possible? The internet tells me that persian cats on average live for about 13.5 years.

How Do You Keep Fiv+ Cats Healthy For As Long As Possible?

In fact, studies over the last 10 years or so have shown that cats with fiv often live as long as otherwise healthy cats that do not. Cats with feline immunodeficiency virus, similar to our hiv, can live 8 to 10 years after diagnosis because fiv can have a long asymptomatic period. How long do cats live with feline aids?

Cats With Fiv Can Live Long And Healthy Lives.

How long do cats with fiv live? And up until now, that. Whether disease develops depends on many factors including the strain of fiv a cat is infected with, the cat’s immune response and the presence or absence of other infectious agents.

Fiv+ Cats Live Approximately 12 Years On Average.

Nine of 26 cats were initially infected with fiv; The fiv virus is present in the blood and saliva, and for transmission to another cat to take place, the live virus has to enter the bloodstream of the recipient cat. The prognosis for cats that are fiv positive, but without showing signs of illness, can be very good, with some cats living for.

Fiv Attacks The Immune System Of The Infected Cat And Lowers Its Defense System.

Both felv and fiv can be diagnosed with a blood test that detects the fiv antibody and felv antigen circulating in the blood. Dr bruce fogle dvm, the author and veterinarian,. Make sure to keep all your cats exclusively indoors, as this helps minimize infections that they.

The Cat May Be Completely Asymptomatic For A Long Time (I.e.

Faq how long do cats with felv live? The truth about feline aids. They don't show any visible symptoms).