How Long After Rotator Cuff Surgery Can You Drive

How Long After Rotator Cuff Surgery Can You Drive. After shoulder surgery, especially after a rotator cuff repair surgery, you are often immobilized in a sling or shoulder immobilizer for several weeks. This will start at 1 to 4 weeks and lasts 4 to 6 months.

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Arm splints are no longer needed. Click to see full answer keeping this in consideration, how long before you can drive after rotator cuff surgery? The severity of the tear.

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Howard marans would be happy to meet with you. Try to put your finger right on your fist. This is because you have to protect the repaired tissues while they heal.

You‘ll Need Rehab After Rotator Cuff Surgery.

Always hold the sling unless you are changing clothes or doing physical therapy. Recovery from a rotator cuff surgery is of utmost importance and its okay if you cannot drive for a few more days. Patients are evaluated before surgery and at various stages after surgery.

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Driving with one arm is unsafe, and the shoulder that underwent surgery shouldn't be moved too far away from the body. Use an ice pack (or bag of frozen peas wrapped in a light cloth) to help reduce inflammation during the first three to five days after surgery. After the first 4 weeks, you need to be comfortable enough, have adequate movement, and some strength before you can return to driving, which usually takes about 6 weeks.

While You Might Be Tempted To Drive With One Arm To Get.

The size of the rotator cuff tear. If there are conflicting instructions from your doctor and therapist, please meet your doctor to clarify. After that period, heat can provide some relief for pain and stiffness.

You Can’t Stress The Healing Tissue Much Until It Has Knitted Together.

Recovery from rotator cuff surgery is not for the faint of heart. Answered on mar 24, 2022. Return to work after rotator cuff surgery.