Fallout 4 Yao Guai Roast

Fallout 4 Yao Guai Roast. Fixed the +10 melee damage that gave a 500% increase to melee damage. Low chance of being rewarded for completing daily:

Yao guai roast (Fallout 76) The Vault Fallout Wiki Everything you
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Can be crafted at any cooking station. May be sold by mr. If you came here to fix your already glitched game (buff became permanent), you can fix it like this.

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When glitched 10 is added to the multiplier permanently instead of 10% which you can see with: While in the description it says it increases melee damage by 10 points, it actually increases your melee damage by like 500 points! I hope at least they add the +10 to the base damage before the perk multipliers when (not if) this gets patched.

Rockville Slugger From 316 To 1558.

Posted by 16 hours ago. For example, my heated super sledge base damage goes from 395 physical damage to 1948. The following multiplier (x) depends on strength points.

Captain's Feast · Thistle · Wild Corn · Wild Mutfruit · Wild Tarberry · Wolf Meat · Wolf Ribs · Yao Guai Meat · Yao Guai Ribs · Yao Guai Roast.

Skyrim se and fallout 4 creation kit now available on steam. A mine of her own, event: Yao guai ribs is a consumable item in fallout 4.

Can Be Crafted At Any Cooking Station.

Talk about quests, gameplay mechanics, perks, story, characters, and more. Yao guai roast is a cooking recipe in fallout 76. Yao guai roast bug for huge % melee damage?

I've Noticed That Yao Guai Roast Gives Melee Damage % Far Above What It Should.

If you like this mod, please drop an endorsement and/or comment, it makes it really. I've noticed that yao guai roast gives melee damage % far above what it should. In the vanilla game, the yao guai roast gave a +10 melee damage, however it gave a 500% increase to melee damage.